Our History

In December of 1992, Ron Lee and Jeff Williams joined forces to form a new company dedicated to developing business relationships founded upon ethical practices, a commitment to quality products and services, and a healthy concern for its employees, vendors and clients. This company, Peachtree Protective Covers, started slowly but, over time, through hard work and attention to detail, took root within the industry.  Over the years, some things have remained the same while others have changed.

In December, former employees of American Aluminum Products Co. (AAPCO), Ron Lee and Jeff Williams, established Peachtree Protective Covers and began working out of Ron’s bonus room at home.

1992 Jeff Williams in Bonus Room 1992 Ron Lee in Bonus Room


1993 Cobb Pkwy 1993_First Brochure 1993 First Job
In June the team set up shop
on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, GA.
Our first brochure. In April Peachtree completed its first job at the
Nassau Hospital, in Fernandina Beach, FL



1997 marked the first sale of exterior solar control devices or sunscreens by Peachtree. Knowing the aluminum design and manufacturing capabilities that Peachtree possessed, Rick Wagner (of R.J. Wagner, more to come later) served as a broker between PPC and Alcon Associates, the general contractor. While PPC was not responsible for the installation of the final product, this material only transaction served as the springboard for a new product line and many successful projects over the years to come. 1997 First SS

On 30 November 1998, Peachtree Protective Covers acquired the assets and the rights to the products owned and provided by Aluminum Design Concepts; the company that had previously bought Ron and Jeff’s former employer American Aluminum Products (also known as AAPCO).

  • In 2000, while still very much involved, Ron and Jeff decided to participate less in the company’s day-to-day activities.
  • To provide for the continued growth and prosperity of Peachtree Protective Covers, Darrell Lee, was named president.
  • For the first time in company history new orders exceeded $10M for a single calendar year.
  • In 2001 Peachtree successfully completed the two separate projects in Orange County Florida. The Timberlake and Olympia High Schools were 40,000 s.f. each and included sunscreens and some rather unique and challenging structure supporting the canopy deck. More (link to project feature page for these schools).
  • Clyde Miller joined the company as Vice President & GM in August and was tasked with new product development and increasing sales in untapped markets.
  • To handle an ever increasing volume of work and wider array of complex products and system design, PPC hired Ed Moulton as PPC’s Director of Operations. Ed’s challenge was to improve engineering, production and installation processes in support of the company’s continued growth.
  • On November 16, 2004 Peachtree Protective Covers’ cumulative sales exceeded $100M.

In Peachtree’s first year in the metal wall panel business:

  • Twelve (12) projects valued at a total of $3M were put on the books
  • Peachtree became an authorized Centria dealer with the transfer of the dealership once held by Allied Architectural Products (Peachtree’s new partner in the metal wall panel business)
  • In October Peachtree Protective Covers’ cumulative sales exceeded $200M
  • In July Peachtree Protective Covers was awarded the Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal project which included Centria foam panel, metal soffit panels and the framing and structure to support both. The contract totaling approximately $5M is the largest to-date in which Peachtree has been in engaged.
  • In the month of April, a CNC router was installed and put into service at our Hiram plant thereby firmly establishing Peachtree’s position as a Aluminum Composite Metal panel fabricator.